e107Advent A Success!

It seems like ages since I was last signed into this site and writing a blog post. Not surprising, after all that has been going on, with e107Advent, client work and traveling…

e107Advent ended on the 20th, no more releases for another year. It has been such a great thing to do, I started December thinking that I wouldn’t be able to release as much stuff as I would of liked. In the end I released something every 2 days. 9 themes and 1 theming guide that I am going to update as much as possible throughout the year. All them releases have racked up just over 1000 downloads, they will all be available all year round for all e107 users to enjoy.

Thanks has to go to Adam Roberts for creating a design for one of the themes. It gave me a much needed break to sort other things out as well as work on some development work, I am currently doing for him. News of which will hopefully follow in the next week or two.

As some of you know I am searching for a job, have been for a while and still am. The last week saw me applying for a few more jobs as well as receiving a few calls from agencies who had found my CV on Monster. I am hoping that I get something early 2008 and start the year off well. So fingers crossed for that.

Now, if your a blogger here is something that you might be interested in… A new community created for bloggers to discuss topics such as marketing, monetization, development and SEO. The community is called Blogussion and has been created by James McDonald (Designer of this blog’s design) and Oliver. Its been very helpful to me already, which is why I will be making a few changes to this blog when I get the chance.

Hopefully I will be able to fit in another post before Christmas Day but if not have a great one and enjoy it.

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