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The new version of the Aggregator plugin for e107 is now online on inBlogs, I may be releasing the plugin to the e107 community soon depending on what bugs I come across and demand. Still need to figure out how to set up a cron-job for SimplePie so it keeps the cache up to date so users don’t have to wait for page’s to load.

Also it was my birthday last week, which finally allowed me to have my first legal alcoholic drink (or two??). Not been able to buy my own yet, need to get some ID sorted out.

I am currently outside sitting on the old furniture that was replaced a week ago (it’s better than the wooden bench.). I’m searching Mac websites for any information about discounts for students in Apple Retail stores, I am hoping to be the proud owner of a brand new iMac this saturday. A late birthday present from my mom. I am hoping I can get a iPod Touch with the £85 rebate, seems like I can looking at topics on forums.

Only 5 days after getting it I will be heading down to the Isle of Wight to see my Dad, hopefully I will be able to show off my iPod Touch in first class.

Its starting to rain, better get inside before my MacBook gets drowned. I promise I will try and update this blog more, had alot of new projects starting and a few old ones getting back onto my must-do list.

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