inBlogs Relaunches

inBlogs has been up and online for some time but without me ofically relaunching it. Today is the day. After putting it off for weeks I have decided to get it out there and get it promoted and advertised.

So after a year of the site actually going live for the first time, it is back and better then ever. It is now alot faster than its older versions and it now also has its own Twitter account. So if you follow the inBlogs Twitter account you will get the latest inBlogs aggregated posts keeping you up to date on web-related news and blog posts.

If you have a web-related blog, then feel free to add it today here and you will automatically become a friend of inBlogs for free. Best part is, you will receive NO emails from inBlogs about renewing the upgrade of your listing on inBlogs. It is up to you to do that if you wish.

Add your blog now.

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