It’s been a while…

Once again I fell back into the non-blogging blogger state that has plagued my blogs for the last few years. Although I have many excuses I could bore you with the ultimate one is that I just come up with the content. The content I do come up with isn’t of the standard i’d be willing to post on the site. So this Monday I will be consulting with Brum Bloggers to find out how I can get some new interesting ideas/content up on the site.

On another note (and another excuse) I have been rather busy on projects, old and new. I say new, one of them is actually nearly 5 years in the making. Hopefully i’ll have a few posts about that lot soon.

Just going back to the first note, how do you keep your blog fresh with new content and ideas? I don’t want to turn this site into a ‘personal life’ blog, which rules out alot of content that I could come up with.

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