Job Hunting

Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days but I have been busy job hunting, so far so good. Tomorrow morning I will be sending my CV off to a few company’s along with some extra’s they have asked for, like list’s of websites I have worked on and what my role was etc etc…

I am hoping this time I will a job, if not at least some good feedback. Former company’s I have applied for and gotten interviews I haven’t been that impressed with either 1. The interviewer, or 2. The bloody weather.

The last interview I went to had to be on a day it snowed, so I went to get the train to get to the interview and ended up with delay after delay. I got there in the end and I don’t think they were to pleased even with the weather. Then I was told to create a design for one of there clients, I was given certain instructions and completed the task and sent it off. I even got the receipt back saying it had been received. Then 2 – 3 weeks later get the job agency on the phone asking why I hadn’t sent the design to them. Wasn’t very impressed, sent it again and didn’t even get a peep out of them.

All I am asking for this time is either a job or some feedback, letting me know why I didn’t get the job, what I need to improve on etc. Is that so much to ask?

OK rant over, hopefully in the next day or two you will be seeing some screenshot’s of some upcoming e107 themes I will be releasing. If all goes well, if I don’t make a post I might be busy with interviews. *Fingers Crossed*

Feel free to share you job interview stories in comment section of this post.

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