If your reading this on my site you will now notice a ‘Lifestream‘ link. You can see what i’ve been up to for the last 3 days and my last known whereabouts. I decided I wanted somewhere to record what I get up too around the interwebz.

Unfortunately Twitter would have been sufficient but due to limits within Twitter you can’t grab Tweets after your last 3200 Tweets. As I implement more sources into the system the ‘day’ entries will grow. The system has been built from scratch using one of my personal favorite and most used scripts SimplePie. This bundled into a WordPress plugin now creates my lifestream and the Twitter elements you see to the right of this post.

I have plans to add more features to the Lifestream system, which will include paging to access days past my current 3 day limit. As well as a very cool Google Map implementation. More on that further down the line.

Thanks goes to Paul Robert Lloyd for his Beautiful icons used on my Lifestream. Please also note that the Lifestream is still in development.

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