New Projects

Well its becoming apparent with my new job that I just don’t get enough time to come on here and post as much. I will try my hardest to come up with some kind of plan to make sure the blog is updated as much as possible, but till then expect a post a week.

I have started working on a few new personal projects these past 2 weeks, all of them i’m really happy with so far. Just need to find the time to complete them. Work is continuing on the e107 guides, making slow progress towards the first releasable version. Sorry to everyone who expect it in the next week or two. There is just too much to write about just the e107 basics.

As soon as I have information for you on my new projects/e107 guide then i’ll post it here. Traffic continues to increase, and additions to this site are coming (slowly). One of the bigger updates is going to include a page with aggregated “Interesting Blog’s”  but displaying more content than the current aggregator on the homepage.

Just to answer the most asked question via my contact form recently, work is great thanks. Really enjoying it so far, just wish email newsletters were easier to develop.

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