New Site Online

If you have visited this blog before then you will notice I have added a new site to the screenshot area above. This site was created in a pretty short amount of time, although some features still need to be completed the main community side of things are working and been used by members.

I have gotten pretty good feedback about the site, which is always nice. Especially as I don’t usually like my designs and end up changing them within a few weeks. This one I feel as if its suitable for the site and works well for what the site aims to be.

I have been taking a break to work on this site, and now its semi finished I will be getting back to the Aggregator plugin. I am also actively seeking a full time job focusing on XHTML + CSS. Whether I find a job and actually get one is another matter.

I will try and update this blog more frequently, but if work needs to be done it will take priority.

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