Ordered a iPod Touch

So I promised some photo’s in the last post, sorry I haven’t got them up yet I am currently in the Isle Of Wight. I will get them up as soon as I can. I have ordered a iPod Touch, but i’m still waiting for Comet to get back to me confirming the order and delivery date etc… Could be waiting a while, which will be very annoying as I am getting it shipped here and I go back next week.

In other news, I have been adding even more features to inBlogs. I’ve been killing alot of time lately adding things, seems like its become the one site I am really pleased to be a part of. My Christmas project is still not really going anywhere, need designs badly but don’t have any money to get any done. Also have a few sites I have wanted to get up ages ago but not been able to. So I am trying my hardest to space out my time and keep each of my projects going. I think I might try and take my laptop down to the Seafront (Solent Really), it might help me think of ways to get everything going.

I have a few new clients this week, which is always a good sign. Might just get me some pennies to hire some people to do a few designs for me. I think they might now who they are, if not they will know soon.

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