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Following on from my Twitter Twends post. I thought I’d try and make a list of every Twitter App/Mashup/Tool. Obviously that’s near impossible but I can at least get as many as I can!

This list is a work in progress. If you see a link you feel is in the wrong section, that doesn’t work, or have a suggestion simply leave a comment and i’ll get it added/amended/removed.

Please note : Be careful when logging into your Twitter accounts on other sites.

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So let’s begin…

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  • Twitter Apps
    • Tweet Deck – A powerful Twitter application, that lets you group users as well as follow search words/hash tags.
    • Twirl – Allows you to monitor multiple Twitter accounts.
    • Snitter – Adobe AIR powered Twitter App
    • Twitterific – A Mac Twitter app to read and publish Tweets (also a iPod Touch/Iphone app).
    • Witty – A free, open source client for Windows Vista and XP powered by the Windows Presentation Foundation.
    • Tweetr – Mac and PC Adobe AIR Twitter client.
    • gtwitter – A Linux Twitter client, for reading and posting Tweets.
    • Twitterberry – A twitter app for BlackBerry
  • iPhone Twitter Apps
  • Twitter Tools
    • Twitter Snooze – Allows you to stop following someone for a few days.
    • Qwitter – Find out who and when people unfollow you.
    • Twitterless – Find out who unfollow’s you, with graphs and stats.
    • TwitterFeed – Post blog entries automatically on Twitter.
    • Tweet Later – Productivity tools for Twitter.
    • Tweet2Tweet – Monitor Twitter conversations.
    • TweetCube – Send files via Twitter
    • Twitscoop – View what’s hot on Twitter right now.
    • Twitter Spy – Show’s the public timeline with a map in real time.
    • FriendOrFollow – Who are you following that’s not following you back, vice versa?
    • Mr. Tweet – Suggests good followers, recommends you to others and updates you with your stats.
    • TwitterCounter – View the most popular users on Twitter, and track your account.
    • Twinfluence – Measure the combined influence of twitterers and their followers.
    • Matt – Multiple account twitter tweeting, post to multiple accounts without the hassle of logging in everytime.
    • Splittweet – Multi-account Twitter management
    • jott – Voice to Twitter posts.
    • Remember The Milk – Task management via Twitter
    • StrawPoll – Tiny polls in 140 characters or less
    • tweetburner – Track the links you share on Twitter
    • Tweetmeme – Tracks how many mentions of a link is posted on Twitter and presents them.
    • TweetWheel – Find out which of your Twitter friends know each other.
    • Twistory – Add your Twitter backlog to your favorite calendar application.
    • Twitsig – Generate an image containing your latest Tweet, to be used as a forum sig.
    • Twits Like Me – Find new friend on Twitter that probably share your interests.
    • Twitturly – A service for tracking URLs on Twitter.
    • TwitterSnooze – Allows you to temporarily block noisy Twitter friends.
    • Who Should I Follow? – Helps you find people to follow on Twitter, that you may find interesting.
    • TwitterReply – Replies sent to your designated email address.
    • Twitter100 – See tweets from up to 100 followers on one single page.
    • Twitter Blacklist -Provides a list of known spammers of various kinds on Twitter.
  • Twitter Trend Tools
    • Twist – Monitor Twitter Trends
    • #hashtags – Provide stats and reports to allow users to track what’s happening now.
    • TwitterBuzz – The most popular links posted on Twitter over the last day.
  • Twitter Files/Image/Video Tools
    • TwitPic – Share images via Twitter
    • Visual Twitter – Upload photo’s to be shown on Visual Twitter
    • Twixxer – Share and view photos and videos via Twitter
    • SnapTweet – Easily share Flickr pictures on Twitter
    • AutoPostr – Lets your Flickr uploads to be automatically posted on your Twitter.
    • Twiddeo – Post Twitter updates with Video
    • Twittershare – Share pictures, music, video, and other files with friends.
  • Twitter Search
    • TweetGrid – Create a Twitter Search Dashboard
    • monitter – Lets you monitor Tweets with certain keywords
    • Tweet Scan – Search Twitter and other microblogging sites.
    • Twitterment – A search engine that searches tweets using Google.
  • Twitter Mashups
  • Twitter Location Apps/Mash ups/Tools
  • Twitter Browser Plugins
    • TwitterFox – Firefox extension to notify you of your friends’ tweets.
    • TwitBin – Send and receive messages to your fellow tweeters, everywhere from within Firefox.
    • TwitKit – A Twitter kit extension for Firefox.
    • Twitzer – A Firefox extension that lets you tweet longer than 140 characters.
  • Twitter Stats
    • Tweetstats – Generates graphs for tweets per hour and month, as well as reply stats.
    • TwitGraph – Generates Pie Charts for your Twitter account.
    • Twitter Grader – Evaluates your Twitter account and gives you a Twitter Grade.
    • Twitter Ratio – Your ratio of followers and how many people you follow.
    • Twitter Value – How much is your Twitter account worth?
    • Twitstat – Real time Twitter Analytics
  • Twitter Misc
    • Tweelove – Send anonymous Twitter greeting’s (Tweelove) to another Twitter user.
    • TwitterKeys – Enhance your Tweets with UTF8 characters.
    • Commuter Feed – Traffic and transit updates using Twitter
    • Foamee – Track who you owe beer of coffee to (and vice versa)
    • FoodFeed – Helps you share your eating habits with everyone, from anywhere.
    • Twadio – Silent radio for Twitter
    • twistori – The first step in an ongoing social experiment.
    • Tweet what you eat – Your Twitter powered food diary
    • Wordy Birdie – A Twitter based word frequency quessing game.
  • (Might Be) Useful Twitter Accounts
    • inBlogs – Twitter of aggregated posts from, all web design/development related.
    • @gasprices – News and information about gas prices
    • @timer – A Twitter bot that helps you set an alarm for things you need to remember.
    • Twitter Bestsellers – Reports the #1 bestselling books, music, movies…

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  1. Andy, seriously good resource of twitter ‘stuff’. I’ll be checking out a few of these, as I’m sure they can benifit me. Again, many thanks.

    – Sul

  2. Check out – Twitter/Seeqpod mashup…listen to a stream of songs from Twitter. And then you can include #tweetj to your tweets to add songs to the tweetj playlist.

    Disclaimer: This is shameless self promotion for my site, but it’s cool, worth checking out, I promise.

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