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Last year saw Twitters traffic increase of 974%. This year Twitter is set to trump that, I say that as recently it’s seen boosts from newspaper’s, TV and celebs.

The most noticeable boost saw my personal following timeline flooded with messages talking about Stephen Fry and Jonathon Ross talking about Twitter on Friday Night with Jonathon Ross.

Anyway, that’s not quite what this blog post is about. Lately I’ve seen a growing number of people using ‘Tw’ in branding of events and apps and now general Tweets.

The one example that deserves the biggest mention is Twestival. Twestival started last year as a single event held in London, UK. It was held to raise money for a local homeless charity and for Tweeple (Twitter users) to meet and greet some familiar Twitter users.

Now the event has gone global with 100+ events planned to be held worldwide on February 12th. This time round all of the events will be raising money for Charity:Water. A charity, which raises funds to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

This just shows how powerful Twitter and it’s ‘Tw’ can be. Without Twitter and the way it allows topics/ideas/events to be sent out and spread worldwide a ‘estival’ wouldn’t be as widely known about.

That’s not to say other social networking sites couldn’t arrange something as big. But what’s impressing about Twestival it’s using 140 characters, and now has hundreds of volunteers working hard making sure February 12th is a day to put in the Twitter ‘Twistory’ books.

Twestival has featured in newspapers, popular blogs and on radio. If you would like to know more about Twestival please visit the Twestival site.

On another note, 383 Project and a few other Birmingham Tweeple are helping to organize Birmingham’s own Twestival. You can find out more here.

It’s amazing to see how what started off as 1 event has grown and developed into a worldwide event.

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