Welcome to AndyDev

2 days ago I found some time to start working on making my blogging life active again. This started out with me toying around with designs in Photoshop. Soon after seeing a mates site coming along nicely, I decided to skip Photoshop altogether, and get straight into Coda.

I said I’d use no images and apart from my comment bubble (and Flickr) I have achieved this.

I have to say jumping straight into code really does help ‘designers block’. It helped me anyway. I could code the elements, then move them where I wanted them. While seeing a more ‘finished product’ than I would in Photoshop.

I have to thank SimplePie, a feed parser. That I seem to use for everything nowadays. Thank You!

While the layout is done, the content and more importantly the colours are yet to be finalized. That’s another beauty of a design with 1 image!

Thanks for checking the site out. Any feedback, good or bad is very welcome!

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