Where have you been?

Just one of the questions I was emailed these past 2 weeks. Well I have now found time to quickly answer this question.

I have got myself a job, after looking on and off for about a year. On Monday 21st I started working as a freelancer for a creative agency called 383project. The work I do for them is basically coding their wonderful designs into XHTML & CSS, as well as script integration (things like Wordpres & e107). I work for 3 days a week for them and the guys are nice enough to let me work the other 2 days in the office to do my own work without any distractions, like the ones I would get working at home.

My first week went very well, I was a bit nervous on the first day. But now it feels like i’ve been working there for months. I actually look forward to getting into the office to start working on whatever is on my to-do list. The list tends to grow day by day just as fast as I cross things off.

So thats my answer to ‘Where have you been?’. I will hopefully post quite a few posts this week focusing on blogs I started to read in 2007 and how they interest me and how they might interest you.

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