Why Apple should do a console!

I have for may years been a fan of Apple. A ‘fanboy’ if you like. Now that Apple have ventured into the phone market with the ever successful iPhone, I feel that it is about time that Apple took the plunge into the gaming scene with a console. Not only because i’d buy it but for the various reasons in this post.

Yes you can download and play games on your iPhone/iPod Touch or Mac but none of those have that ‘console like’ experience. Apple have several products/infrastructures that would benefit a console created by Apple.

Apple could use a duplicated ‘App Store’ for its console for game developers to distribute games. Not only could big name developers do this, but sole developers could take a bash at developing for the system, giving you the wide selection seen on the App store today

This ‘Game store’ would remove the need for discs and games would become ‘on demand’. No need to leave your home to get the latest release of your favorite game. Jump on the ‘Game store’ and buy it using your iTunes account. While that’s nothing new, using what Apple has done with the App Store i’m sure it would be more successful than the alternatives that offered currently.

Apple have the ‘Apple TV’ while it doesn’t seem to be as successful it does many of the features that consoles such as the Xbox 360 do multimedia wise. You can watch TV shows, movies, YouTube videos, listen to music and podcasts, view Flickr photos or MobileMe Gallery photos.

That’s all well and good you can watch, listen and view all this stuff. But what if that was coupled with a iTunes store built into the system. You can then sync your purchases between your devices via the store. Meaning you don’t even have to own another device with iTunes, you can simply use the console independently from any other system.

Now of course, everything I have posted could be happening and the console could just be around the corner? Everything I have said has most likely been said before and is nothing new. But I just thought about it for a few minutes and it all seemed to make sense and drop into place. I can only hope that Apple see the obvious and implement most/if not all of the above into the system. I think it would truly smash any competition out of the water.

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  1. Google “Apple Pippin”.

    What you’ll see is Apple and Bandai’s last attempt, nearly 15 years ago, to create a gaming console in an ecosystem already overrun by Atari, Sega and Nintendo.

    Things change. Sega drops out. Sony jumps in. Microsoft runs with the Xbox and before you know it, Nintendo’s on the back foot. Then things change again. Social gaming, such as that made popular with the Wii, takes off. Nintendo returns to form, but Sony and Microsoft are still the kings of the high-end gaming system.

    My own personal thought is that Apple doesn’t want to release a gaming system. It doesn’t need to. It’s already got a gaming platform – the iPhone and iPod Touch – and if you don’t think that’s a good one, perhaps you should talk to someone at Nintendo, because they’re scared stiff that if they can’t differentiate from the iPhone and iPod Touch, their mobile gaming platform is doomed.

    AppleTV is wonderful (I have one, it truly is wonderful), but it’s no gaming device or platform. That’s not to say that a future version couldn’t be, but I don’t think Apple’s interested in making a gaming device for your TV.

  2. Hi Anthony

    I was going to reply earlier but didn’t find enough time to do so, sorry for the delay.

    I know ‘of’ the Apple Pippin and as mentioned on Twitter maybe I should of posted this as ‘Why Apple should create a NEW console!’ instead.

    While I see where you are coming from when you say they already have a gaming system out in the form of the iPhone / iPod Touch. If you look at them as the PSP/DS you have a definate market as Apple have proved.

    With the same systems in place an app store/game store, iTunes etc… Apple could very easily get into a new market and blow the competition (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii) out of the water. I do think there is room in that console market for something new.

    Apple always seem to innovate and then everyone follows. in its footsteps. An ‘App store’ which means any developer can create a game however basic/complex to then be availble for download at X amount would be innovative within the console market.

    Not saying i’m right, we will all have to wait and see whether the future of Apple brings us such a device. Only time will tell.

    Thanks for your comment. 🙂


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