For the past few months i’ve been working with Randall & Silk on a stop motion animation interactive cartoon for iPad. It has hit the App Store just in time for Christmas so you can poke and squeeze him all you like over the holiday period. Check out the teaser trailer above.

Globbert lives in a sewer and enjoys a peaceful life, however he’s often interrupted by the noisy things. Help him regain his peace & quiet by squashing him down and aiming him at the noisy things. Plenty of surprises are in store.

Globbert has been 2 years in the making with development starting earlier this year, ahead of my trip to Tel Aviv. Many days were spent on the beach with my laptop coding away to make Globbert the loveable character come alive as well as those noisy things.

Each frame of the app originated from a stop motion puppet on a custom build miniature set, each frame was then cut out as small as possible before imported into a custom built play out system I developed over the past few months.

It’s been great fun working alongside Chris & Marc from Randall & Silk and we’re not quite done just yet with Globbert heading to other screens soon.


So go and say “Hi!” to Globbert by grabbing him from the App Store here.

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