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Back when I was simply doing freelance work I was a member of TalkFreelance, a forum for freelancers (focusing on design/web design/development). Back then a few names stuck out within the community, one of those being Josh Buckley. I have followed him on Twitter for a while now and he has just brought out a new iPhone app called iSlice.

I only knew that the app was a game, so I downloaded it and straight away dived into it without reading the instructions. The concept is simple. You have a shape on the screen, which you then slice to reduce the area the shape covers. You have to slice chunks off the shape to get the shape down to a set area to win the level.

Sounds simple right? Well, while you’re doing that white balls within the shape are bouncing around, you have to avoid these balls when slicing chunks off of the shape off. When you slice you can’t have one of those balls within the slice you are cutting off. Sounds a bit more involved now doesn’t it?

I have to say it is very addictive, as addictive as BirdStrike and Monkey Flight. The concept is simple and is delivered perfectly. Despite each level getting harder it isn’t one of those apps you try a level 2/3 times and give up like many other apps I have tried. I look forward to updates to the app that are going to bring bugfixes and level updates.

You can get iSlice at the reasonable price of £0.59 or $0.99. Click here to get iSlice from the App Store.

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