Jeskid is Back

Ok, most of you probably have no idea who I am talking about. But stick with me and you shall find out using what I can remember of the past as well as some help from Jeskid’s About page.

Back when I first experienced the internet in its full glory, I got into the internet series Red vs Blue. Which is a bit like a Internet/Geeky version of Eastenders (a British soap) made with the popular Halo game/series for Xbox. The site much like Facebook allowed/allows you to be friends with people and there were always those members on the site that everyone knew.

Jesse Cowell, aka “Jeskid” was one of those members on the site that everyone knew, or knew of. Back in the day he used to do a ‘Video blog’ of what he got up to day to day, which started when he was working on getting his “Shades of Gray” feature-film noticed. Jeskid a filmmaker was a very interested person to follow at the time and I have always found myself checking in now and again to see if anything new had appeared.

This ‘Jeskid TV’ as it was known became very popular amongst members of the Red Vs Blue site. He released a feature film online called Shades of Grey, which can you can watch here. I sat down a few weeks back to watch it again, I still love it now.

More recently he has upgraded to HD equipment and released Webby-award-winning “Drawn by Pain” which you can watch here. Unfortunately I am yet to sit down and watch the whole film through, not sure which episode I got up to either.

Most recently I have bounced a few Tweets back and fourth with Jeskid asking when Jeskid TV was going to reappear. I am glad to say it’s back after many years (i’ve lost count). I would like to warn you that some may find that Jeskid TV isn’t for them, if you know what I mean. 😉 But even if one of you watch a film or a Jeskid TV episode then this post has done it’s job. 🙂

You can watch the latest Jeskid TV Episode here.

You can follow Jeskid on Twitter here.

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