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This is just the first of many posts that will mainly focus on reviewing and advertising other bloggers blogs I personally read frequently.

Before releasing this newly designed Mach2Designs, I didn’t find myself reading blogs that much. Just after I released this new look I was looking around for some interesting blogs to add to my little aggregator at the bottom of the homepage. After visiting a few blogs I came across Jon’s and went through and read each update. Each one well written and well spoken (vblog entries) and more importantly interesting.

Lately Jon has made some great vblogs that just make you laugh out loud, sometimes that’s what you need (a good laugh). He also releases Outakes, one of which he talks about people who vblog that are slow paced, but in this outake guess who is slow paced?

Jon is one of those bloggers that makes you want to come back for more and more, I myself visit his site about 2-3 times a day to check for a new post or vblog. – Jon Wheatley’s Blog

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