Josh Buckley –

Its been a while since I did a ‘review/plug’ of a fellow blogger, this time its the turn of Josh Buckley.

I recently starting reading Josh’s blog after Jon Wheatley mentioned him on his video blog a few times.

So who is Josh Buckley? He is a 15 year old, internet entrepreneur from England, UK. He has been interviewed many times, just recently he was interviewed by retire@21, the interview can be found here. To find out more about him visit his blogs about page.

Just 2 days ago Josh set out to have his redesigned blog up within 24 hours and I can happily say he managed it and it looks superb. Its a vast improvement on the last design and just makes the blog so much nicer to read.

I haven’t really spoken to Josh, apart from a few quick emails back and fourth after commenting on his blog for the first time. He even managed to call me James in one of them. However if you need someone to look up too then Josh is the guy, his blog is a good read too!

Visit Josh’s Blog.

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