Aggregator Plugin Going Well

Still working on this plugin for e107 using the SimplePie script, it is going well but I have had to take a break to fit in client work. I have also been working on some plans for Macommand, some of which will also use the SimplePie script to make possible. I will be updating the portfolio side of this site in a day or two, with a few projects I have been doing for a few people and myself. Meaning I will have to sort all the other pages out I am still yet to do.

I am also thinking about new ideas for my DesignedThis project, which from a blog side of things has ground to a halt since alot of client work etc I have been getting. I will be getting it back underway soon with a fresh new look for the development blog, and a few hired people to help me out.

Now I must get back to my coding work…

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