e107Advent has started, for the last month or two I have been working on this project. My main goal was to 1. Make up for my lack of activity this year within the e107 community and 2. get my name well known within the e107 community again.

I have just a few minutes ago released my first e107 theme for about a year and a half. I packaged it up after checking all the files, screenshoted the theme and then put it online. Now I am just promoting it within the e107 community.

I feel slightly disappointed that I didn’t manage to create all 15 themes I had planned but then again I didn’t expect to within the short time frame I gave myself. Hopefully while the days tick by in December I will be releasing and creating more themes to bump up the theme total.

To keep up to date with e107Advent theme releases keep checking this site.

Some other project news soon.

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