Several Updates

Firstly, CSSHive gained a new feature a few days back. This feature allows sites that are submitted to CSSHive to become the featured site of the day, which means they will be featured on the homepage with a bigger screenshot. If your site becomes featured ultimately you can be sure that your traffic for that day will shoot up. So go and submit your sites.

I am personally very proud to have been part of CSSHive and its creation, its seems to be doing very well so far which is something thats always nice to know about a project you have worked on.

Secondly, I had an interview on Monday and fingers crossed I will hear something in the next few days. I am currently waiting for an email with a test project for me to complete and send back to them. Personally I think the interview went great, and my experience with e107. went down well. I showed them e107 running on my laptop and I would say they liked what they saw instantly.

Thirdly, My e107 guide/manual project hasn’t really progressed in the last week but after I have finished up some client work and done some of my own work I will be focusing more of my time writing away to get a quite sizable guide/manual out. Other work I am doing for e107 may also slow the writing down but it will be worth it.

Lastly, I updated a few of my e107Advent themes since my last blog post. Details of the updates can be seen on the e107Advent website. More updates will be coming soon.

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