Using invitations for inBlogs?

While I try to work on inBlogs (thanks to the lack of broadband and useless mobile broadband), I am starting to think about ways to promote it. Ways I can get more people interested and more blogs added to the aggregator quickly. I’ve seen many different ways of promoting websites and WebApps. Some successful and some not so successful, One app caught my eye recently…

I (like many others) have come across a service/app called Spotify, which allows you to listen to tracks as you wish. You can add songs to your ‘Queue’ and create and share playlists. Daniel Davies (fellow Web Developer at 383 Project Ltd.) came in the office and then mentioned it and through Spotify‘s invitation service it soon went around the office and Spotify gained 3 new sign up’s. This method of gaining new users was very successful in Spotify‘s case, now a few months on, you can download Spotify without an invite.

A little about the new inBlogs before I continue, previously people could simply submit a feed and it’ll get activated and that was it. If they wanted it removed they’d have to email me. This new version, as well as a brand new design thanks to Flockey, will have a feed management area. This area will allow blog owners to log in and add/edit/deactivate feeds as they wish. The old ‘Friend of inBlogs‘ system will be back with a twist though, people who refer other bloggers can gain the ‘Friend’ status. The ‘Friend’ can also be obtained through a payment/donation. That’s enough about the new inBlogs.

Now how would a similar system translate to an aggregator? Well to be honest, i’m not to sure it would. Would people send out the invites in the first place? It wouldn’t spread around Twitter and other such sites in the same way, people aren’t getting access to thousands of free songs. It’s just a basic aggregator. I guess the referall scheme is exactly the same as invitations, it will just reward you after.

At some stage I will need some people to test the new site. To go around break something, then report it to me to fix it. If you are interested in helping out let me know and i’ll add you to the list.

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