Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications Book Review

I brought the SitePoint Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications book just over a week ago and i’m now around 120 pages into it. I have to say its a great read. I wanted to start learning Rails as soon as I read how easy it was to work with on a blog post at Carsonified.

After a day or so watching screencasts and reading up on what you can do with Rails, I set out and brought the Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications Sitepoint book from Waterstones (after searching in a few other book shops).

Getting into the book was relatively easy, but if you wish to start working on the sample application (Shovell – A Digg Clone) that you build while reading the book straight away you have a good 3-4 chapters to read first.

While I haven’t got into the bulk of the application coding I have to say I am very impressed and by the sounds of it, Ruby on Rails will look great on anyones CV and portfolio.

I would have gotten further into the book by now if I hadn’t gotten stuck on getting MySQL all set up and running on Leopard, I kept getting errors and after about 6 attempts it worked. Now I can start building the Shovell application, then once i’m happy with that I can start building my other projects that are in the works.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about Ruby on Rails, its a great introduction to Rails. I will no doubt be posting more posts about this book in the coming weeks when a few other of my projects start coming together.

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  1. Once you finish the book and would like to deploy a Rails App in the easiest and best possible way, you may want to head over to

    And yes, we all use Macs….


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