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Following on from my previous iPhone app review of Ragdoll Blaster, which I now know 2 people downloaded due to my review I have another one for you…

I am a big fan of the iPhone app FlightControl, many hours I have used trying to beat not only my own score but everyone else on the online leaderboards.

I did my (what seems like) daily check of new apps on various app sites and found CoastGuard.


Very much like FlightControl you use your finger to move your CoastGuard ship around the map. Throughout the game you will see Supply ships which you need to keep protected from enemy attack and your own firing. Yes that’s right, you have the ability to fire weapons at enemy’s. To do this instead of dragging your ship to a point you tap on a target and hope your weapon hits it.


This just really adds a new layer, or a few new layers to what is a great concept. You can shoot targets and also you have obstacles on the map, however I did notice a few glitches when it came to moving my ship when my route went through the islands.

The story behind the app is as follows… A pack of terrorist ships launch attack on a far distant small island, sovereignty over which is disputed among neighboring nations. You, the ace Coast Guard, must stop them.

You get a wide variety of ‘supplies’ that enhance your abilities, these are shown in the following screenshot.


I have only played the app for under 20 minutes, so far I think its definitely something to pass the time. It is good fun, i’m not sure how long the fun effect lasts yet but for nothing it’s worth the download. It also gets increasingly harder to keep everything under control, much like the increasing difficulty as time passes in FlightControl.

At the moment the app is Free, it has previously been on sale for $0.99. I’d get it while it’s free for some different FlightControl type fun, with added extras ofcourse.

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