App Review – HarbourMaster

Following on from my iPhone App Review of CoastGuard comes HarbourMaster. Another variation of FlightControl this time however you control boats that you need to dock and keep docked till all of the cargo has been taken off.


Much like FlightControl you draw lines using your fingers to dock your boats. However you need to be careful and clever as some boats are bigger than others and also slower. The bigger the boat the more cargo it holds, meaning it takes longer to remove all of its cargo. Once the boat is docked and empty are cargo you simply send it off the map. Just watch out for those other boats coming in because if you hit them it’s game over.


You have a selection of maps, with each map you get a skill level. At the start you have access to 2 maps. The more you play the more you unlock and harder the game gets. At the start the game feels alot easier to play that FlightControl. A technique I used was to make the boats go round and round in circles till the docks were empty.



Overall I think its very enjoyable, very similar to FlightControl in ways. But once again it manages to add another layer to a successful concept. You can get HarbourMaster for 59p on the App store. Its great fun for any FlightControl fan, or even if your not. For just 59p why not give it a try.

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