App Review – Ramp Champ

After seeing a tweet this afternoon I downloaded Ramp Champ. Brought to you by the IconFactory, the Icon respoistary site and developers of the popular Twitterific Twitter client. It’s a iTake on the arcade game Skee-ball.
The game itself is very polished and the graphics for such a simple concept are truely amazing. IconFactory haven’t skimpped on anything graphically in this App. You take the position at the ‘ramp’ and flick your finger across the ramp to release a ball to hit targets. Targets that are harder to hit generally have a higher score attached to them. The faster you flick against the ramp surface the higher the ball goes which means you can hit the higher targets that are worth more points.

Ramp Champ iPhone App

Just like the real thing, after you have finished the round tickets are dispensed, which you can then keep to put towards a worthless prize at the ‘redeem’ counter. Just like in real life.

Ramp Champ Tickets

Ramp Champ Prizes

Despite been a very simple game and concept the game is surprisingly addictive. I found myself playing it before a game of Call of Duty this evening and getting so stuck into it that I didn’t realise that I had been booted out of the game (rubbish internet no doubt). It’s a great little app to pass some time, even if the prizes aren’t real.

The IconFactory have a few Add Ons for the game out already. Each addon adds more ramps, goals, prizes and trophies.

The best bit is that this App is FREE for a limited time so grab it quickly. Click here to download the app using iTunes.

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