It’s certainly a Magic Mouse!

If you know me, i’m sure your aware that I am a HUGE Apple fan. After borrowing a iBook many years ago for a project I was switched. Unfortunately I had to give the iBook back and less than a month after I had got myself a MacBook (with some much needed help).I’m always trying to keep up to date with the latest Apple gadget. I’m not sure its such a great idea to say what I own in the way of Apple products. Just incase someone tries to put me in a padded cell but here goes.

  • White MacBook
  • 24″ iMac
  • 17″ MacBook Pro
  • 1st Gen iPhone
  • iPhone 3G (Got stolen)
  • iPhone 3GS
  • 500GB Time Capsule
  • 2 Mighty Mice.

I’m hoping that is it, however it probably isn’t.

A new addition to that list is my new Magic Mouse. I first tried it out in the Bullring Apple Store in Birmingham, my first thought was “wow”.

Fortunately after mentioning it (not hinting, honest) to my girlfriend Cassie, we went to the Apple Store while on a trip to Southampton. When we were there I was asked if I would like it as my Christmas present. Now i’m not sure how I would of been able to wait till Christmas Day to open and use the mouse. So we agreed that I could have it then.

The design and shape of the mouse is rather beautiful (excuse me for getting a bit to ‘into’ this review). While it may not be “ergonomic”, after you have used it for a few minutes you get used to the shape. I have been using it since Sunday and I haven’t had any aches and pains in my hand, far from it in fact. I can’t stop scrolling.

The scrolling using the mouse’s surface is perfect. A nice feature that is only for Snow Leopard is Momentum scrolling. The faster you swipe your fingers on the surface the faster and further down the page you scroll. The scrolling is smooth and slows down and comes to a stop.

Unfortunately this isn’t available on Leopard out of the box. However you are able to enable it with some hackery. It doesn’t work as smooth on Leopard than it does on Snow Leopard, so I guess thats why it’s not supported without the following hackery…

If you open terminal and use the following command, it should enable momentum scrolling on Leopard…

defaults write MouseMomentumScroll -bool true

Personally I haven’t used 2 finger gestures on the mouse yet, however i’m sure they work flawlessly like the rest of the mouse.

Looking at other peoples views on the mouse, people only really seem to miss the 3rd button which most people used for Exposé. People seem to be excited about the future possibilities for the mouse, as with Mac Laptop trackpads Apple could update the software to allow for more gestures that can then be programmed by the user.

Right now i’m using a Mighty Mouse (while my magic Mouse is at work) I keep trying to scroll up and down using the surface of the mouse. Without any luck obviously. I’d recommend the mouse to any Mac user, it’s lovely to use which is what you want from a mouse.

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