Something a bit different… Meat Loaf

While walking to my Saturday Urban Coffee Co visit I thought about writing a blog post rather different to my usual posts. Maybe not so different to those posts dating back to 2007 that are still in the dark depths of this site.

For as long as I can remember I have been listening to Meat Loaf. This came from my parents and I vaguely remember buying a single or two many many years ago, taking them home and listening to them constantly for hours on end.

This hasn’t changed much to be honest. Every now and again I go through one of these periods of listening to Meat Loaf for hours and hours on end. Much more so when a new album comes out. For those not in the know Meat Loaf released a new album recently titled Hang Cool Teddy Bear. In my opinion it is a different Meat Loaf sound to that of Bat Out of Hell but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

With some welcome guests appearing on the album such as Brian May, Hugh Laurie and Jack Black, each track seems to have a different feel to create an album about a fictional soldier whose story is embedded within the album.

I have seen Meat Loaf (counts fingers) 3 times. The last time I was supposed to see him, he sadly cancelled the gig due to illness. Despite returning to the UK, Birmingham was missed from the tour dates. Now the new album is out and Meat Loaf is touring once again it is only a matter of time before he heads back over here and I can make it to gig number 4.

I did say this was different… Plus a bit random!

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