Thank you T-Mobile and Jed!

So 3 months ago, I was at my girlfriends. She was working and I decided I wanted to get mobile broadband. I went around the diverse range of shops to find the best deal. Unfortunately I decided to choose T-Mobile. I was promised 14 days to return the product, and that it would work fine on Mac, and most importantly that I could return to ANY T-Mobile store to cancel my contract.

So I decided to get T-Mobile Mobile Broadband, I leaned towards T-Mobile because they supposedly don’t charge extra if you go over the data limit. After trying it out for the first time it was apparent that something was wrong. The Mac application to connect to the T-Mobile network would stay connected for about 5 minutes then tell me that the device couldn’t be found and then persisted on being unhelpful by closing itself. After about 20 seconds this virtual CD drive mounted itself again and I could once again connect.

I was now back in Birmingham. Time was running out to cancel my contract for a service that won’t even work. I took myself down to the T-Mobile store on Corporation street, they told me to change a few options after the guy helping me “called his mate”, who “knew his stuff”.  This didn’t solve it, I was then told I wouldn’t be able to cancel my contact at the store. Obviously I wasn’t very happy, so I was then passed a phone, in which I could speak to the customer services department. I was then told by the store staff that i’d probably have to go to the store I brought it from. £60 on a train to cancel the contract. After about 20 minutes I walked out of the store without making any progress.

I started to head back to the office and called up the T-Mobile store I brought the device from. They once again said I could cancel at any store.

A few days passed and I went to the T-Mobile store in Solihull and spoke to an unhelpful guy called Jed. He insisted he had a Mac and it works fine on his machine, that it was my fault. I must have a setting that’s at fault. He then told me that you can only cancel a contract at the store you took out the contract at.

I will be contacting both Trading Standards and Ofcom about the problems i’ve had, and hopefully I will stop Jed and T-Mobile from taking money from me for something that doesn’t provide me with the service they were supposed to provide, at a reasonable standard.

Moral of the story is, i’ll never ever use T-Mobile for any future services. If anyone know’s of any reason the device would disconnect/unmount then re-mount it self then please let me know, I have searched and can’t find anything that has helped.

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