The Bus Natterer

I thought I’d start a little series on my blog, which will be about day to day annoyances I encounter. I’m sure some of them you will know of from your own experiences. Its also another way of getting content and another way for me to vent my stress. In these posts I do not mean to cause any offense. If you get offended I’m truly sorry. Now let’s get down to business…

As I write this i’m on a bus, in front of me is a young lady who has been chatting on her phone for over an hour. Constantly breaking into laughter and nearly shouting every so often.

Yes, sure ring someone for a quick conversation. Or even longer if your quiet and not the shouty loud mouthed shatterbox like the lady in front of me.

I’ve got my headphones in and can hear a guy shouting about having a kebab for dinner earlier. Who else on the bus cares?? Why not turn your voice down and have some consideration for everyone around you!

That is all!

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