WordPress 3.0 – It’s Shiny

This blog is now running the WordPress 3.0 Beta. I took the plunge and decided to install it on my live site. Yes I am crazy! It seems to working like a dream. I haven’t had any issues with plugins breaking or my theme, which is always good.

I haven’t had a play with any of the new features within WordPress 3.0, but I do like the tweaks to the admin UI.

WordPress 3.0 contains a few new features, some rather drastic and some you will barely notice…

  • Custom Post Types
  • Customizable Navigation Functionality
  • Upgrade panel that sits under Dashboard in the admin, it contains all the upgrades that are available to your site.
  • Merge of WordPress.org and WordPress MU
  • A new default theme
  • Ability to set a custom background through the admin panel
  • You can choose a username when installing, increases security.
  • Author specific templates

I will be working on using some of these features in the next round of updates to this site. The main thing will be the custom post types and custom fields within those types. So you won’t notice it at all, but it will be there for me to make my life easier. Hopefully making my life easier will mean I will post more.

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  1. @Andy383, think I’ll upgrade my own site at the weekend too. It’ll motivate me to update the content as well.

  2. @Si It’s worth doing. Found it pretty sleek so far, going to update the backend to try and motivate me to do more content also.

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