Good Feeling

I just sent off my CV to another company a few minutes ago. I have to say this one I actually feel pretty good about. After looking at there website and after seeing what they do I can safely say I would love to be part of there team. I’m not just saying this because […]

An Update

I am pleased to tell you that a new version of this blog will be coming soon. Quite a few new features will appear too, like a aggregator menu for any blogs I think readers of this blog will like. Another feature that will also be finally making an appearance is comments. I left it […]

Today – Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day well here in the UK it is drawing to a close. I was hoping to post a few hours ago but was busy. So excuse me, and as it is late sorry if I make any mistakes. Lately in the UK every news broadcast whether it be at 1Pm or […]