Ordered a iPod Touch

So I promised some photo’s in the last post, sorry I haven’t got them up yet I am currently in the Isle Of Wight. I will get them up as soon as I can. I have ordered a iPod Touch, but i’m still waiting for Comet to get back to me confirming the order and delivery date etc… Could be waiting a while, which will be very annoying as I am getting it shipped here and I go back next week.

In other news, I have been adding even more features to inBlogs. I’ve been killing alot of time lately adding things, seems like its become the one site I am really pleased to be a part of. My Christmas project is still not really going anywhere, need designs badly but don’t have any money to get any done. Also have a few sites I have wanted to get up ages ago but not been able to. So I am trying my hardest to space out my time and keep each of my projects going. I think I might try and take my laptop down to the Seafront (Solent Really), it might help me think of ways to get everything going.

I have a few new clients this week, which is always a good sign. Might just get me some pennies to hire some people to do a few designs for me. I think they might now who they are, if not they will know soon.

New iMac.

Yesterday I got a new 24″ iMac with wireless keyboard and mouse. It just about fits onto my desk, after doing some little alterations to the desk mind you. I haven’t done ahy designing/coding on it yet as I am still loading programs onto it etc… Bust so far so good, I am also hoping to get my iPod Touch this week before I go away to the Isle Of Wight again. Will want to listen to something on the train. The Birmingham store sold out a few hours before I got there, and the new Solihull store, which opened yesterday had sold out too.

The new store looks really good compared to the Birmingham store. It has alot more space and is well laid out. The Birmingham store is always crowded and its hard to get to the back of the store to pay for anything.

Better get back to adding all my email addresses to Mail and adding all my Bookmarks etc to Firefox. I will post photo’s either later today or tomorrow.

2 posts in 2 days?

The inBlogs updates yesterday seem to have quickened the site up more, I still have some work to do on the site to make it load instantly. These will most likely come when the SimplePie cache is saved in a MySQL database and not files.

Today I finally did the next test on my web design manager course, I am currently going through the Javascript section. I also did some ‘good’ designing for my Christmas project.

Only 2 days now till I get a nice shiny iMac and a iPod Touch (if they have them in stock). I can’t wait to get back home with them and start the un-boxing. I will be posting photo’s and reviews on here a few hours after I have gotten them home.

Can I make it 3 posts in 3 days? Check back tomorrow to find out.

inBlogs etc…

The new version of the Aggregator plugin for e107 is now online on inBlogs, I may be releasing the plugin to the e107 community soon depending on what bugs I come across and demand. Still need to figure out how to set up a cron-job for SimplePie so it keeps the cache up to date so users don’t have to wait for page’s to load.

Also it was my birthday last week, which finally allowed me to have my first legal alcoholic drink (or two??). Not been able to buy my own yet, need to get some ID sorted out.

I am currently outside sitting on the old furniture that was replaced a week ago (it’s better than the wooden bench.). I’m searching Mac websites for any information about discounts for students in Apple Retail stores, I am hoping to be the proud owner of a brand new iMac this saturday. A late birthday present from my mom. I am hoping I can get a iPod Touch with the £85 rebate, seems like I can looking at topics on forums.

Only 5 days after getting it I will be heading down to the Isle of Wight to see my Dad, hopefully I will be able to show off my iPod Touch in first class.

Its starting to rain, better get inside before my MacBook gets drowned. I promise I will try and update this blog more, had alot of new projects starting and a few old ones getting back onto my must-do list.

Learning Illustrator

Having noticed that most of the web design jobs around in Birmingham (UK) require basic Illustrator skills I have decided to start to learn Illustrator. I have wanted to use the program for a while for logo’s etc. However I thought that as my art skill is about 0 I never started to learn.

I am also hoping that I get the next part of my course in the next week, then I can start to learn Javascript… and Perl. I do wish it wasn’t Perl and was PHP.

I will be putting my ‘Illustrations’ online when I have some for some criticism.