New Site Online

If you have visited this blog before then you will notice I have added a new site to the screenshot area above. This site was created in a pretty short amount of time, although some features still need to be completed the main community side of things are working and been used by members.

I have gotten pretty good feedback about the site, which is always nice. Especially as I don’t usually like my designs and end up changing them within a few weeks. This one I feel as if its suitable for the site and works well for what the site aims to be.

I have been taking a break to work on this site, and now its semi finished I will be getting back to the Aggregator plugin. I am also actively seeking a full time job focusing on XHTML + CSS. Whether I find a job and actually get one is another matter.

I will try and update this blog more frequently, but if work needs to be done it will take priority.

Work for myself

Finally I have been able to do some work on my own projects. I have managed to install a plugin onto Macommand that will keep it updated for me automatically, so far so good. I have also managed to do some more work on the ever growing Aggregator plugin.

I also spent the weekend cleaning my Macbook from clutter, easiest way was to install OS X again and install all the programs I need etc. So now I have a nice new shiny desktop free of clutter, until Leopard comes out anyway.

Aggregator Plugin Going Well

Still working on this plugin for e107 using the SimplePie script, it is going well but I have had to take a break to fit in client work. I have also been working on some plans for Macommand, some of which will also use the SimplePie script to make possible. I will be updating the portfolio side of this site in a day or two, with a few projects I have been doing for a few people and myself. Meaning I will have to sort all the other pages out I am still yet to do.

I am also thinking about new ideas for my DesignedThis project, which from a blog side of things has ground to a halt since alot of client work etc I have been getting. I will be getting it back underway soon with a fresh new look for the development blog, and a few hired people to help me out.

Now I must get back to my coding work…


I did a bit of work on my new site Macommand. The site is going to be a blog covering the latest programs/widgets/sites that appear on the internet for Mac users. Hopefully the site will allow people to find programs/widgets/links that are an interest to them.

Once the site has a few blog posts up and has been crawled a few times and listed it should be a helpful resource for people with Macs. Tomorrow I will be looking at a few ways to improve the layout of the site and ways people can interact with it, possibly with ratings etc…

While doing this I have been keeping my eye on a few other sites that are up for sale that require less work. Should be good fun adding new sites to my little network.

What a day

Spent most of the day messing around with MooTools, and doing some tiny edits to that Aggregator plugin. However seeing as the script i’m using is having new releases every week I might wait a few weeks for most of the bugs to be fixed. I’m also going to be busy the next few days sorting things out for a whole weekend away standing on a stall selling framed photo’s. Should be fun with the recent weather in the UK.

I just got up the basics of a new site. You can see it here. Hopefully after i’ve done some work on it tomorrow there will be alot more to see. Time for some well earned sleep.