New sites

I know I have a few inactive sites at the moment, ones that are in development mainly. It just takes time so in the meantime while wrapping client work around mine I am looking for a few sites to buy and get online. This way I can fill up some of my server space with more sites… And means I have more sites to write content etc for…

I am also starting to write the next blog updates for DesignedThis, however I got a bit distracted by something I saw online that made me start coding the one of many features that will be part of NudeCoding. Managed to get that finished now just another few features to go… (Few = Lots)

Hopefully I will have a few more sites online (in my little network) over the next few days. Now i’m off to listen to some music and eventually fall asleep.

Just finished some coding

After coding for about 6/7 hours straight I can finally take a break. I am currently keeping my eye on a few auctions on a few freelance forums. Looking to buy a new site that will be easy to maintain and easy to advertise. I finally have money coming in again after a while of not having any clients. Should be good fun.

I have to get a new MacBook battery as this one decides to shut the MacBook down when it says 30%… Better start finding one on ebay. I’m not paying Apple prices.

Got another day of work tomorrow with a Joomla! Theme/Skin to do. I’m off to play something on my 360…

Taking a break

After a long day of reading wiki’s and coding this Aggregator plugin its finally time to take a little break… and sleep ofcourse.

I managed to get a few pages for the plugin done, just gotta…

  • Set up an array to list all the feed urls.
  • Create an admin area to accept feeds.
  • Friends system.
  • Friend of the day system.

Should be good fun tomorrow… After this I have a nice Joomla! Skin / Theme to create for a client.

Feed Aggregator Plugin

Today I am working on a feed aggregator for e107, I created one a while back for But due to the script that the plugin runs off been totally re-written I have to totally re-write it. Hopefully this will make pages render alot quicker for people using the plugin.

For now the plugin will only run on inBlogs (when done). Then I may release it for anyone to use with e107. Should be fun trying to get this new script working with MySQL instead of a simple text database.