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Starting off as a personal side project that allowed attendees of Above & Beyond's ABGT250 weekend in to watch everyone descend on the Gorge Ampitheater the app got the attention of AnjunaHQ and soon became the official app for the weekend.

Once it was made official the app gained features to display the setlist, news and additional social channels. I also built out a native Android version to ensure no one missed out on the app.

An admin app was also built to allow AnjunaHQ to add news, send out important push notifications from their own devices.

Over the ABGT250 weekend over 10,000 attendees used the app.

The app returned in 2019 for Above & Beyond's Group Therapy Weekender at the Gorge, with many of the same features in place but updated for the latest versions of iOS and Android.

ConfFriends and ABGT250/ABGTW share various features. I was able to introduce the Gatherings from ConfFriends in ABGTW to facilitate a bunch of gratherings during the weekend, bringing attendees from all over together.

Future Group Therapy Weekenders were mentioned at ABGTGW in 2019, however these have likely been delayed due to the pandemic. I hope the app will return once again in the future.