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F1 Calendar

F1 Calendar was started by Si Jobling, Andy Higgs and Ant Williams. After the 2019 season they decided to look for someone to take over the reigns and update the site for the 2020 season. After following Formula 1 for quite a few years I took over the site and rebuilt the site using Next.js, building out the exact same functionality as the existing site.

2020 turned out to be quite the year to take over the site, keeping up with calendar changes and introducing features the site has never needed before. Including Virtual Grand Prix events that were introduced by Formula 1 during lockdown.

F1 Calendar is hosted on Vercel, as F1 Calendar is completely open source they have graciously sponsored the hosting for the site which often gets over 100k visits a month during the season.


After the success of 2020 I've been working on updates for 2021, which included implementing Tailwind CSS along with new features including 12/24 hour time format support. While also setting the foundation for us to introduce calendars for Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula E and W Series. These will hopefully be announced in the coming weeks.

Check out the calendar and check out the code on GitHub.