An app that allows dog owners to organize play dates for their dogs at dog parks around the world.

PlayPal was created by two neighbors at our old apartment complex in San Francisco. After hearing about the app I took on development of the iOS and Android app as a side project.

When you signup for PlayPal you setup your account and dogs profile. You can pick an existing dog park as your primary park or create a new one. Each park has details about the facilities, location and any specific opening times.

Once you're all setup with a park and your dogs profile you can then create or join a time slot. This informs other users of the same park that you and your dog will be at the park at that time.

The app also includes Geofences, so if you forget to add a time-slot to the app a time-slot will be added once you're within the Geofence of the park. Similarly the app has support for iBeacons which can be setup within a park for a more reliable automatic check-in.

While development has slowed, I do have updates in the works that updates the apps for the latest versions of iOS and Android. I hope to release these once most areas are out of lockdown and people are able to use dog parks again.